Monday, August 29, 2011

1malaysia movie maker

hmmm...finished our movie, but then actually i didn't feel that i'd done anything with the movie...
here i just wanna say sorry to alif because the movie was he finished sorry....
just hope that our idea can be accept by the program producers...huhuuu..
i can't load the video here because i didn't get it from alif,so i just load some pictures that  we took when we went to KL to take the videos la..hehee...we already went to KL Station, KLCC, Central Market and Dataran Merdeka....quite nice hahaa..cause is a good experience that jalan-jalan at KL during fasting month..pity alif and danish..huhuu..
we'd took lots of pictures in KLCC and Dataran Merdeka..haha :)

trend taking picture through mirror 

outside the KLCC
asked people to help us 
but the camera man didn't take the "water flower"
sad :(

danish and me
hahaa...sunny smile! i like it!! :D

taking danish's part in KLCC

errr.... just me ss only,danish didn't look at the camera punn~ X(
but i like it also..hahaa in KL Sentral

yea!! finally got my solo picture..
at the Dataran Merdeka alif's part
hahaa...but hor,my feet look very............fat leh...
wuuwuwuuu >X< 
"na eh aneh~"

alif and me
in KLCC too
they did a Hari Raya promition there..
so we took some pictures there lor..hehee

actually that day quite happy,because can hang out with friends by doing a project..can become a artist or model,quite funny and had fun!! hahaa..some more during the fasting month is the second time ady luu...the first time was with the form 5 friends by accompany them to buy baju raya...hahaa..this year also got geh,but i didn't make it..cause lazy..huhuuu...hope shah didn't read me keep this as secret ok.. :D 


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