Sunday, June 10, 2012

dusty bloggie

pity bloggie..already had so much dust cover it.. huuuuuuu~~~~ *cough cough..
lol... i'm back guys...long time no see huh~hahaa..
pity bloggie and pity spin too
spin sick jor.. :( got flu and cough...luckily see doctor ady if not every night i think i can't sleep dy..haha
ok...let's talk about my recent life..
my life still the same, makan sleep makan sleep..but thank god not yet become big piggy la..hahaa
oh yes! my birthday already over luu...i think this year is the best birthday and the worst birthday for me..
best why? i met my ji muii and had watched movie with my lil cousin for free and lunch got people balanja..haha
worst why? my parents and my family never remember my sad huh? hmm..never mind i already biasa..not the first time.. hmm :)

and i bought lots of things these two months (may and june) income still buy so many things..i think i have to 面壁思過了.. already less than a month to wait for my notification to i think back, i got alil regret to choose a uni that so far away..haha..
now regret no use ady lor..just wait lor...haha..wish i have a happy and lucky uni life...why lucky? coz i don't want kena tipu or kena bully..hahaa...neh..just joking..just hope that everything okay in my uni life..

p/s: i hate sick !! i hate medicine that makes ppl feel mabuk!!

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