Sunday, June 10, 2012

my first time for you

p/s : don't misunderstand my entry title..

my "first time" for you, the first time was the first time i be a bad girl for a night.. i went to a club with my cousin sister..the first time i wore a short dress, a thick make-up and a high-heel shoes stood for whole night.. and drank beer after had a bowl of maggie mee ==''
i don't understand why my cousin sister so enjoy her life like this for everyday.. totally bad life style.. inside the club on the music was so loud and smoky inside...all the people inside the club were inhaled the "second-hand cigarette".. i think when i go to work in the future, i will less join this kind of activities..
relax but very bad.. relax with alcohol and cigarette for me that's not the good way to relax..that will make our life and health become worse..very very bad....hmm....

p/s: no next time 

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