Thursday, June 28, 2012

a full time "leong dei goon" tsk tsk tsk

again ==
i think i have a bad habit now..
already became very lazy to blogwalking..
lazy lazy lazy...maybe because of the line problem? (hey! don't blame the line!! that's ur problem ok..)
okay, whatever..
i knew i already had 6 months sitting at home..
my friends always ask me : why u didn't find a work leh?? why u just sit at home then become fatty leh?
u know what, u thought i sit at home not sien wan meh...u thought become a leong dei goon for so long very syiok oo... but how to say? my dad and sis said just left 2 months only, do u think that the employers will hire u a part-time worker just for 2 months? hmm..ok then, they have their point..i don't know how to fight back..wuwuwuuu T^T

so, just continue stay at home be a full time leong dei goon lor.. =.='''

can i yell?
: ngo hou muuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn naaaa~~~ >o<'''

sampai misai pun keluar 

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