Wednesday, May 22, 2013

End of April

i'm home~
finally have the time to update my blog
this april really busy like hell...
back from holiday jek, terus had the midterms then assignments gao gao plus functions sibeh gao...
gao til no time to sleep.... *panda-eyes

okay, this update i'm not just wanna complain this and just wanna tell that how full my life is! XD
and this post i wish to share my holiday during to jahor and melaka :)

what i did in johor and melaka is - walk walk walk, eat eat eat and shop shop shop XD

lots of fun with those girls..
first day, we went to batu pahat first.
we stayed at crystal house for three, four days like that then crystal had brought us to lots places to eat, walk and shop.

jia choosing food ;p
curi curi capture again XD

my monkey sensitive with camera XD

my dinner that night

the first dinner : japanese food XD
the first entertainment : movie!! G. I Joe II

until midnight only go back.. syiok!

the next day : touch fish, swimming and shopping!
soup favor

tomyam favor

and gan lao :3
breakfast : mian fen gao 面粉糕
johor's famous food there..
hmm....ok ok la, to be honest, my mom eh lagi sedap ;p

after that, we went to touch fish!
the famous temple in batu pahat
lots ppl went there must go there
帝王鱼, ppl said touch it u buy what will kena what
and is true! but we din bought if not our number would get second prize dy

three lil kitties waiting for the big fish..hehe

oh! the big fish comes!

fast fast touch! ;p

and of course, before touch fish we pray first and there lot gods there :3
get bao you bao you....

then we tried makan the snack there
is ubi kayu bobia..quite special

use nai zui feed fish ==
what a strategy to earn money

before leaving took a picture!

evening swimming session!
finally we went to swimming == (what so finally?)
coz monkey askd for many many many many times dy
so FINALLY lor..haha

but hot weather go swimming really very syiok XD
had fun!

night, aunty prepared dinner for us so gamdong~ 
thank you aunty again m(_ _)m
then shopping!
i very good girl oo, din buy anything..hehe

when back we saw this!
MCB - chee hui's 口头禅 =.=

after that, midnight we went lim teh,
this cafe has a cute name
and it sells cakes and desserts
that night we went got lots ppl lim teh there oo

the third day : date with sing jie and pei jun ; temple, sing K and steamboat bbq :3

we wait for sing jie really long lor...
while waiting we jalan jalan in the temple then sat here
i remember crystal and i sang a lot song here
sang until monkey also felt annoying XD 

in K room
i found this cute toy shows inside there
so cute nia >///<
after finished we go makan wantan mee
only then we go shopping again
but then we din shop la
we just jalan jalan nia

摩天轮 in the shopping mall
small one

this! batmonkey XD

my monkey so cute nia when she's in long hair

tired dy decided to have hi tea (ceh~) in old town
actually is wanna use the coupons la..
after that we went watch movie again! 
we watched The Croods :3 
nice cartoon neh~

night, we had our dinner here :3

kenyang kenyang~ <3 p="">

the forth day : from batu pahat to muar....

bought ticket but missed the bus then take a public bus to muar.. experience.. 
reach muar almost evening dy.. janny took us to a small shopping mall to have a small lunch - sushi king ==
jia wanted...then we jalan jalan awhile and i bought this! the black one on my ear..hehe...i wanted it for long time dy, let found it in johor.. ma buy luu.... similar like monkey one oo... love it <3 p="">
after that, reach home.... janny's mummy so cute~ hahaa...she served us with beer leh~ luckily.. we all can drink alil bit..haha

night, mid night...
we went out lim teh..
mo li dian zi, like chatime
we sat there for an hours chit chat here chit chat there then only left there

then janny brought us to their tanjung
is a place suit for every couple for dating
got romantic feel but also horrible feel ;p (weii! just too dark nia la...)

the fifth day : malacca one day trip :3

our breakfast : bah kut teh~
super yummy with yam rice
then we heading to malacca with ah peng and pei jun plus ah zhung

yeah~ reach there met up with ah zhong
 then we have our tea at starbuck then jalan jalan awhile
went to buy movie ticket : Ah boys to men 2
funny movie..hehe
then ah zhong brought us to jalan jalan at 古城门,jokerwalk street and red house street

they still buy toto tim~ XD

finished dy went to mahkota parade jalan jalan awhile only go makan

p/s: i jang siu siu lost my wallet in here...remember until now..huhuu

then! this~ i love this berry berry much!
sate lok lok XD
malacca very famous eh, and we ate sibeh lot lor...
very nice!

the sixth day : actually i'm not sure what we doing this day XD 
just knew that we all were tired after "struggled" hanging out and there..

camwhore before cut our hair.  ;p

after cut? (lol.... not much different pun~ ><)

and the final day in muar + melaka

i have no more pictures to show but i can tell..hahaa..
maybe i have missed out some scenes.. well, actually we also went to tangkak to see a celebration of lots of ppl there... lala muii, lala zai and lala aunties, lala uncle XD had seen 24 drums, lion dragon dance and of course 花车游街.. super enjoy..have long time didn't join this kind of event dy...after that, we went lim teh again.. at night, monkey, janny and jia somemre started mabuk at night =.='' i just drank one can la then terus lamdai XD

after that last trip we went to melaka again to watch the last movie : 忠烈杨家将
then makan 千层蛋糕 (quite expensive :/), night we went to jonker walk again jalan their pasar night there super lots ppl alot angmo lang there too~ we bought many souvenirs leh~ bought for our beloveds.. :3 then went dinner and then go back to pack things..

the next day, before go back monkey and i went cut our hair then evening like that janny;s mama had prepared a super big dinner for us..haha..thank you auntie! finished dinner go to bus stop gonna leave johor and melaka and back to kelantan..

these are my holidays of mid sem break..haha...super have fun, super funny, super enjoy, and super tired! but i miss it :3

p/s: hope can go there again luu~ <3 p="">

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