Friday, June 21, 2013

one year

one year finished 3 more years to go..
and I'M HOME!!! haha
hey, what's up girls and guys... sorry for waiting so long...
coz these few days when i back to my home, my home line tarak so can't online ar... that's why took so long only can update my blog..
nah... here comes i have 2 months long holiday to slowly slowly spend..haha
one year finished ady, let's fresh back what i had done so far...
study-events, study-travels, and study-meet friends..

one year over, i would love to thank all my friends who accompany me lots in uni..
especially my besties~
next sem we will move to other hostel luu... u know what, i'll miss my ex-hostel very very much...
perhaps, everything's gonna be alright next sem.. amin, amen, amithaba.....

p/s: gonna tell u guys a special good news soon :3 stay tuned! :目

love my firends, my life 

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