Sunday, August 18, 2013

kao liese bubble hair color

yoyoyo~ u know what, i just tried something new! haha

brand : kao liese
color : antique rose (alil bit wine purple color but dark one)
price : RM 38.90

actually recently i wish to cut my hair short and dye my hair purple.. but afraid my parent can't accept.. so, i still keeping my hair and i dye a dark purple XD ( lol... mengarut =..= )

nah, actually this quite easy to coloring our hair..
u just need to squeeze the bubble and then apply it on ur hair and then massage ur hair like u washing ur hair.. see! easy right?! ngeeee
err..... recommended if u wanna save money, save time and love to dye hair by urself XD
well it uses around 20 - 30 minutes for coloring.. :)
but, when applying don't forget to "breath" yea~ haha ( got alil bit smelly coz of the alcohol smell, but is just applying ny la... after that won't be too smelly dy) XD

here's the way u apply :

 after 30 minutes.......

zan zang!!
got different hor?

actually true picture is quite difficult to see, but in real life, my hair is red-der than in picture.

hope u guys will enjoy it! XD

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