Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to Uni Life, BUT............

sem 3 sesi 2013/2014
alright, all of us back to uni life; not a good life but SUCK life = =

back to this state actually i didn't feel anything. BUT, since we need to move to new hostel, our life become suck.
no water, no food, far from campus, no line, no wifi, can't see liang moii, liang zaii juniors, no transport, far from super market... all negative negative~

how we gonna survive at there for 2 years leh?
haizzz..... have no idea.........

started last two days ago, few of us need to TAKE BUS to our old hostel to take bath.. see?! pity right?

FUTHERMORE, start new sem start "new life". our life needs busy than before..our timetable, suppose; Kelantan Friday and Saturday is off day. Means that, is Friday and Saturday is weekend. Now, major of us have to study during these two days. AND unfortunately, my timetable sudah kena.. how to arrange also can't avoid.. 7 DAYS classes... susah do event susah to live our life...

one word to tell my mood now : SIGH......................... T^T

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