Friday, November 8, 2013

pity guy

these three months are not my months.
but also not for lots of people.

broke-up happened in these three months.
i remembered, sept was the month i knew a guy.
that was his emo month, he shared his stories to me.
but until now, this sept, he still not own the month yet.

how pity, a relationship makes himself so pity and painful.
he found me last day, he told me he broke-up with his love again for the third times.
love, difficult to understand.
but, if have the heart i think it not that hard to understand.

long distance relationship, isn't it really hard to chain to?
maybe super long distance yes, but maybe not.
if a relationship just one person to maintain it then maybe yes.

how come he still not "wake up"?
he said still willing to wait her.
for me, i don't think that is love.
that is "blind". he is let the girl lives in his heart, and doesn't even think to "sweep" the girl away.

thrid times broke-up with the same lady.
just can say that, they are playing a game.

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