Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Super Duper Busy Semester

it is going to be end for the semester.
what i'm feeling now is, the assignment super duper sipek many!
just finished one assignment, the lecturers keep add on the assignments for us. how pity. :(
well, complain is no use. just keep working.

social entrepreneurship, the most "challenge-able" subject ever for these 3 years.
now i'm in evil mind. must plan something on it. ngek ngek..
hope everything is going fine. especially the carry marks. why? coz i wonder how we concern about the quality of the assignments becoz need to memorize so many things in different assignments, but mostly fail to remember. hah!

well, God blessed us!

#hashtag #busylife #feelingunderstood #godpleasekeepblessingus #goodnight

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