Thursday, May 19, 2011


wow!! i've got damn long time din update my blog dy!! sorry weyh~ busy mehh..heheheee... we facing mid-term...huhuuu...already finished few papers luu...but still feeling not very well cause worry bout can't paa the papers...haizz...WORRRRYYY!!

lower six was entered the school already..but quite sad the heard some of them not really like us who are their senior...some of them got la kutuk us action la what la this la...but seriously...if u were us,what u can do with the lower six who just entered the school for just a week huh? hard right..haiz...just accept it... honestly say, we're not action ok...we just don't know wanna put what kind of face to face u all..haiz..please la~ don't misunderstand us ok? haiyaa... i quite pantang that people say me action.. I AM NOT!!! huhuuu....

when my form mate told me about this i listened that like kena shoot...pain oo~ haizz...( people said me action leh... T^T)  ok time we will try to say hello to u all ok? and and...who are going to langkawi, just have a nice moments with us there lor..^^

还是回去啃书好了..hehee....wish me luck!! tata~ jianah!

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