Monday, May 30, 2011

yesterday and tomorrow

yesterday was celebrated my gong gong's birthday earlier than last just because my eldest aunty backed from ipoh....huhuu...for spend our sis and me were went to brem mall..ahahaaa...1st time went to brem mall for gai gai lor...there don't have lots of people and the shops our plan is just went there for movies la... heheee...ok...yesterday we already watched TWO movies in one day..yep...geng leh~ kakakaXDD really first time leh...ah jie said she got the experience already...but me is the first time..quite shiokk oo... we watched the pirates of the caribean and the kung fu panda 2..hahaa...quite nice actually..if u haven't watch it then go and watch la...ah!!! yesterday also the first time i watched 3D's movie leh~~ hahahaa...happy!! X3 ♥ ♥ 

neehh... tomorrow is the day we go to langkawi luu...excited? nervous? or... no feeling?? errr...not actually.. mixed up! excited is first time hang out with those fellows (all my cute fellows la) and then nervous cause still don't know what will happen there.. no feeling? hmm...yea...cause actually feel that going langkawi  is wasting our la..ok okay...not wasting okay?? hehee... just now i just went to rawang bought some things...errr..quite lots... now i still feeling the "pain" on my shoulders..cause the bag was heavy just now..kakakXD i bought a pair of slippers,and a white t-shirt with collar.. happy~ i got a new slippers luu~ yay!

just hope that our journey is safe when go and back! and have nice moments there with the fellows and the teachers there.... SAFE NUMBER 1!! no beach there!! no victims there!! 
langkawi here i come!!!

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