Monday, July 16, 2012


this morning went to semsco to take our ori stpm result
then we went to see our ex teachers..
all met me all called me model..hahahaaa..haiyooo...shy shy >////<
meet the teachers for the whole half day..haisehh..
suddenly so miss the moments we lepak outside our class..haha
we waiting outside see whether the teachers on time got come onot then go rounding the school..
well, we're bad students..haha.. but at least most of us got to in the uni we wanted..
u know what when u sad u will cry but after u cried u will realize that actually that isn't big matter
ya, i cried when i knew i got UMK to kelantan but not to UMS sabah..
but now i happy that i got kelantan..
because my dad said, kelantan is NEARER than sabah..
and i realized that, if i go to sabah.. then i will become a bad daughter..
'coz i used to burden my parents...hmmm...
sorry dad, i don't know that my choice will burden you so much..
but now kelantan, i think i will like the place..
wahh~~ so fast.. i'm a university student soon..
never think that i can be a uni student so soon..
2 months soon~
exciting? or nervous? or afraid?
don't know..mix all up~ haha
i must be dreaming now..hmm....
but keep dreaming till end of my uni life..haha ;3
kelantan, i'm coming~~~

dreaming, keep dreaming :))

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