Tuesday, December 4, 2012

business week

now is the second week of our E.W aka entrepreneur week.
and that's our group turn to make it.
what we sell?
ngek ngek
we sell losa thing, why many?
before this we decided to sell Nestle products. but!
because of some technical errors made us can't make it
so..... now we force to do the last decision last minute..
we done these for just 3 days.. geng nia! haha
and now we sell :
breakfast : kuih muih
lunch :

  1. chicken rice + soup with 3 different delicious favor of sauces : lemon, black pepper and Thai sauce
  2. fruit juices : papaya milk, carrot milk, watermelon (+ milk), apple and orange
dinner : burger : beef , chicken (+ cheese, double meat, french fries)

all very cheap, nice and delicious add more.... all are cook by ourselves except the breakfast.. :)
though tired and busy..but i think we are enjoying with it..haha!! happy doing business!! :D
the logo? i drew.. so cute nia 

the crazy people that i work with..love them!!

our lil cute mad driver lynette. 
she's the one who brought us here and there 

the crazy people 
from left mas, mai and mer
they are crazy !! XD

going to buy stuffs
seriously, this day we all didn't sleep at all
but we all feel happy ~ :3

the first day!
our stall done!

KLM enterprise
that's our stall name

good men who cooking the chicken rice and burger
san fu sai la!! :D

our menu~ 
come come!! 
mari mari!!
lai lai lai!!
makan di sini 

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