Wednesday, March 12, 2014

small problem happened

well, just ignore the title coz i don't know what to put on the diary's title.. haha

alright, i'm back to here is just wanted to tell out my feeling.. maybe it is a trouble?
sometimes couldn't think two side is a trouble? need to consider what situation in ma....
people said girls are troublesome animal..
but for me, sometimes, guys also the same kind and sometimes like a girl-----> so difficult to guess too.. haha.. guys, am i right? XD
maybe i'm a lil bit boyish..
for me sometimes be simple to me is a good things. i'm not the kind of always will think deep..deep... deeply...
had a small argument with my boy last few days ago.
don't know it was whose problem. but quite sad..
small things also can be a bad "aura" between us..
become awkward.. not good not good..
well, it is very true that human are need to be communicated.
especially in a relationship.
once u in a relationship, u can't just think one side but both sides.
conclude: is just, in which ways u be, single or couple, both ways you also need to be positive.

human.. human.. can you be simple? haisshh..

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