Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Grown Up

it has been more than months.
here becoming a place where i have no where to speak to.
well, reviewed back all the posts that i've posted previously, i can say that, i've grown up~
not that emotional anymore, last time i used to alil tiny emotional will come here to tell my moods.. haha
now, i've learned alot, learn know how to not easily tell ur emotional publically, show ur moods to everyone, tell everything to everyone.
these are what i've learnt, if u wanna be stronger, learn to not too care, not too sensitive, not too alert with someone or something that u care alot, unless the person who worth to.. :)

tell urself, care more about urself, care more about ur family, care more about ur darlings (ur loved one and some REAL besties)

remember the lessons, love urself.. ;)

#positivethinking #positivemind #lovelife #bepeaceful

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