Friday, April 22, 2016

心血来潮来一篇 之 Imagine the Future

嘿~ Blogger 你好呀.. 好久不见, how do you've been?

Sudden feel wanted to come here.

It's been a long time I have abandon this pity blog here.
I'm sorry Bluu Xii. (my blogger new name :目)

Hi my friends how do you do? Doing fine? Great!!
It's not to say I'm back. Coz I'm not sure when I'll leave it along time again.. haha
Well, at least I'm here again to tell you what my feelings now.

Actually I have alot of feelings wanted to tell..
Since after few months I have done with my studies, and now I am starting to be newbies in a real society.

Erm... It's abit awkward to telling feeling here so suddenly.. hahaha..
I think I need to be used to it again to come here often. If not I'll not recognize the feeling on writing a blog anymore.

Okay, back to topic. Topic today is : "Future"

Erm.. I'm not sure whether there have any of my blog reader or not, but is okay that I'm telling the feeling to myself.

Have you ever figured out how is your future be?
What does it look like?
You be a wealthy man? Or you're being chasing your dream wonderfully?

Sometimes I'm trying to figure out, but there is no answer on my mind that - Who am I wanna be?

I have been working as a small small employee in a company.
Doing the same task everyday, routinely. Do I learn something? Of course yes, but are they really the things that I interested for?
Some of my friends or even other people will introduce me some new job options.
Be a "better" clerk in another bigger companies or persuade me as a salesperson in property company or insurance company; even a beauty cosmetic corporations; or continue further study....etc.

Do you have the feeling like, so many options, but didn't know how to choose? hahaa

"Better Future Vs Dream Future"

Which one do you want?

You know what, being grown up is a super hard task for every single human being; especially for the young men and ladies like me. I know you'll agree me. Coz I believe you also facing the same problem like mine.

24 years old, is not the time for us being a child anymore.
When we are little, getting hurt we could run away and find our parents to heal us, they will hug you and kiss you tell you is okay. But when grown up, the things you learn more the more you hurt. Reality would not tell you is okay, hug you or kiss you. Imagine that, creepy reality. Ha!

I hope to be a beauty artist - a make-up artist. This is my ambitious from since I was 12 years old until now. Never stop this dream. But I know if I fully focus on this might not build a good future for me. So now what else I can be? Sitting in the office doing the same thing routinely? or being salesperson facing the different challenges that might knock you down and for the whole life?
Business? yeah, ever think before.. but can I really perfectly compete with others?

So many "Question marks"; so many "but-s" ...

Haisshh...... Grown up, You so difficult. But has to meet you every single moment, single second.

Spin Lim, work hard la,keep living la, keep finding la, keep waiting la,  keep fighting la. Don't mess up yourself, Do whatever you have to do only know what you will be soon.

Okay, thanks! Continue working. :) Chao~

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sharifah diyana said...

hi kak lim,
I've been reading your blog, :)
Don't know whether you recognized me or not,
I'm sharifah diyana from SMKTBR(1) your junior,
So, by reading your blog I've been thinking to give you if I'm being you, my decisions is I'm going to work with the environment that can make me comfortable with but of course with the company that could give me benefits and reasonable salary. Btw, you have the same interest as me to be a make-up artist so with that you can make part time job to achieve your dreams. I believe if we start from the bottom, one fine day our dreams will come thru.
That's all from me. Take care kak Lim :)
Stay gorgeous and stay glam !
Much love, your junior. :)