Friday, November 26, 2010

the longest movie i ever watched

ok....i juz watched a movie..
the longest movie i ever watched....3 hours..long long story...

u knw wat...nw onli i watched tis movie..
coz..b4 tat i'm not really like tat stuff of movie..
titanic either..hahaaa usuall..
i cried..
cried sadly..

it makes me knw wat a true love is...
the old woman who still alive after the crush of the titanic ship ----Rose(Kate Winslet)
100+ year-old was still remember her true love.she was a lovely but doest like rules young lady with n the heart of the ocean,the necklace  from her fiancee(a bad fiancee ==''')

jack---Leonardo DiCaprio,the young man who from america who won the tickets from poker n the tickets make the young couple artist..he drew lots of beautiful life draws.

i love tis dialog...:"u jump,i jump.."
n i omost remembered the scence tat they on the sharp of the ship..
enjoy the wind..enjoy the moment..n they kissed


i really do like tis section..

i really love tis pic~
jack..u awsome~

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Bubbles Makeup said...

wow i just loooooooveeeeedddd that movie! i just watched it on ABC Family and i balled my eyes out. watching him die (with FROZEN HAIR) made me so sad. its a great movie to crawl up with some ice cream and curl up on a comfy couch with. :)