Friday, April 22, 2011


ta-da!! i watched the Burlesque yesterday..wah~ its quite nice to watch sexy and gorgeous! i only know Christina Alguilera is damn HOTTTTTT!!her vocal!!!ahhhh!!! soooooooooo geng!!i hope i were her..huhuu..(impossible spin!)heee.. she makes me remembered mei yi's post last time..kakaaa...last time i listen to the song that she posted in her blog,"bound to you" i actually don't have any feelings on it...but when i watched that movie..i felt it! lol..its sooooo nice~ thankx mei yi~ ♥  it lets me think about you neh~ hehee...♥ 

long time didn't upgrade my blog..huhuuu...continue my post last geo paper 1 is gave back..wahh!!i passed it neh~heheee...i got 2As in this monthly test..cehh..just monthly test meh....9th of may - mid-term exam! arrrgghhhh~SCARYY!! how~~someone can help me~~ me to replace me to take the papers~ huhuu..okay,spin don;t dreaming! >~< 

you know what.. i miss "him" now..he's sick now...hope he going be fine soon..please be fine..hmmm....  

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