Thursday, April 28, 2011

here i come.. random..

its finished my 'holiday' ady...went to hatyai again...this time is almost eat for the whole four really whole four think i possible will become "duo bui boh" lor..what ever la...don't regrat! cause u already duo bui boh..kekekee..

just now i opened shirleen's picture album so....she makes me feel jealous.. hmm..T^T when i will become like her? haiz... anywhere, i miss u 

now i got something disturbing my mind.. "28 years old" ..what is it? i won't tell..hehe... and..yesterday,i was chatting with yong zhen for few hours..hmm...quite weird now...he said he likes me come har? actually he not my cup of tea..but hor,his words makes me feel so bother..what ever..i think he won't read my blog..hope he won't read..hehe..anywhere,just hope u will happy for u brand new life! ^^ good luck for ur TARC life..

exam..exam is near again..i not yet ready anything yet to face this stupid exam..urrggghh...u know what..first time i feel soooooooooo afraid taking exam..i never feel so like don't want to sit for the papers..isshh!! i hate this feeling very much! HATE IT! if mid-term i already wanna run away..then STPM how? shit!

hmmm....thats mood ady..good night..

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