Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10.48 pm

night 10.48pm..
just now skype with piggy neh~wah...first time..kekekee..
piggy...honestly..u really should keep fit ady..hahahaa..
u look round when ur face on my monitor screen.. xp
quite excited just now..cause 1st time,using webcam to chat with others (though piggy not saying one word pun ==''') hahaa..he said got people around so he pai seh to talk with me..haiyoo..never mind..still got lots of time what~ one day we will chat with "face to face" geh right? X3

almost near the trial..
wah...why i still feel nothing one? but i'm feeling scared now.huhuu..WCS, u too?
i'm not scared failing any subjects but MUET! i want my muet at least get band 3 la.. help me~ who can help me to speak english everyday at least? or let me listening english songs? (tell me the new nice songs la XDD) practice!KEEP PRACTICE!! don't be so lazy again!!

thats all..
nights baby ♥

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