Thursday, June 16, 2011


seem so long i didn't on my com..wahh~~ i good girl ady wor..hahaa..
i just read two of my friends' blog just now..who are mei yi's and angel's..
i suddenly feel so far from them..don't know why..haiz.. izit our distance become far or is our heart? hmm...sad..
miss them so much..since back from segari, i just met mei yi and lynn lynn once..but angel don't have one time pun.. haiz.. angel! mesti!! mesti have to arrange a day then we meet!! then we hang out for whole day~ ok?! hmm..

ok la...honestly, these few days i felt i was so emotional..don't know why..sendiri become so sensitive leh? becasue of the "dai yi ma" ? haiyaa...don't know.. maybe of my result gua..i got 2.92 again for my mid-term..but still okay..i think i will get better when trial! MUST!!

mei yi says she becomes fat dy, lazy dy,emotional ady..i think me either..haha..haiyaa..don't be so sad k girl? i'll always be ur side o..

miss you

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