Monday, June 6, 2011

langkawi~ yeeeeeeeee ♥

yohuuuuu~~ i'm back!! miss me?? yea...miss u too..heheee.. sorry that so long time only update my blog..huhuuu...i just went to langkawi with my school teachers and! is so tired went there..

31st of may

lol...we kena tipu from pn wan..== actually we take 10pm's buses..but she told us 9pm's buses..hmm...i went school around 8.30pm...huhuuu... reached there nothing to do then started taking pictures..hahaaa...lets take a look :

owh gosh!!
my cam got dust la weyh...
but is ok..
u guys look "great"

actually this picture wan was wantted on the middle
but hor
the flat was cover the light so he will look dark..can't see him..
hahaa.understand la..
then he came infront..
now look better~
hehee :D

then turn the girls wanna take picture la...
i feel like a camera woman for them lor
but i willing to..
yeeee :))

dharmen!! can you just stop reading?
u going to langkawi also wanna memorize biology
u will make us feel ashame la

half an hour overed...then the teachers kumpul us in the the rules and advices then we moved to our own buses..i'm the 1st bus with the whole upper six with few of the teachers..chai shin was sat beside me then is acap and ishak..hahaa..i just can tell that...acap and chai shin didn't sleep for the whole journey to kuala perlis..cause i can heard got people talking beside me..hahaa...and then they asyik said me geng..why? on the half way we to kuala perlis..our bus's air-con was broke like sauna!!!!! damn hot! but i still can sleep on the whole journey to kuala perlis..geng leh~~hohohoooo XDD

this is before we start our journey to jeti
and before the air-con broke down
before that must take one picture wan ma~
right bor?

1st of june

so finally we reached at the kuala perlis jeti...haiyaa...every one like get freedom from the sauna bus..hahaa..but all seem so tired..i think thay didn't sleep at all in the bus..haiz...pity,pity... though i slept for the whole journey but also tired one not enough..piggy..>3<
back to the 1st of june...this day is mek's birthday oo..hahaa...actually i went to the jeti only i knew was mek's birthday..hahaa...okay,okay...come back..we reached the jeti then we had our breakfast just can tell the the breackfast was damn expensive i ever had! almost RM4 just for the nasi drink oo! yes! no drink~ huhuu...we went there the hawkers like competition see who get the most customers..== mari sini makan! mari mari!! they shouted..== thta time i just felf funny la this two hawkers..hahaa..never mind...this is their strategic to atract the people go in and makan their food what...hahaa..

after 45 minutes...we all have to get ready enter the ferry luu...took ticket then into the ferry...before that of cause took pictures again la..hahahaaa...lets take a look!! 

this the view in the morning of jeti kuala perlis
it looks so grey right?
actually that tiem got alil rainy la
so it seen grey..
got feeling lehh..

actually is the same place la..
different feeling

say cheese guys!!!
cause got a lot of them in front of us so we took a pictuere lor..
u see ishak's face..hahaa...funny face
t'tibe pulak got budak lower six here..hee
this guy quite masuk air la..and i realize that he likes to stick with WCS neh
(jage2 oo WCS~ XDD)
we call him chicken little (gaya gave this to himXD)

ishak sairozi
the "cute" guy between upper six..
he sporting and loves to SS
ishak!! u so SS!!!!

the cute and gentleman guy..
actually i like to talk to him..
when we going back to selangor he seem so angry and emo
i don't like to see him like this :((
lep lep,don't be so unhappy k? we always by ur side..
if u wanna talk u can find us :3

the last picture before into the ferry
i like the views
but it smelly =='''

episode masuk ke ferry:

 hahaaa...i curi-curi took dharmen sleeping face..
he doesn't know i take his sleeping face wan oo..

the air-con inside the ferry was clod..huhuuu..still feeling tired actually but hor don't know why can not started look up and down then left and right...owh yes! those indian girls behind dharmeen were sooooooo excited..don't know why...the whole journey in the ferry hor..they like non-stop shouting and laughing..maybe this is the reason that made me can't fall asleep == huhuuu

few minutes over..we reached langkawi!! weee~
wah~there are lots of people went to langkawi leh...maybe because of holidays so we can see lots of travelers ah mor too! so hot~ haha XDD no waste time we terus went to our buses again to kem bina negara.. when we reached there.. there was like beautiful and fresh.. the kem is in the middle of the jungle..all green there~ so nice... but hor the activities there is opposite..><''' not nice at all~ the 1st day we went thre they started giving us ceramah to listen..owh damn!!! some more untill 1 to 2 am only finish tim wor~ damn boring and tired.. wuwuwuuu T^T
then we still had to take egg and took care of till now i still remembered my egg's number 104! hahahaa...u can see that all of us no matter using what way to protect the egg don't make it break..

2nd of june

okay..this my usual woke up 5.30am then went to the hall watch tayangan about merdeka..i think is because of tired so lots of us not really enjoy the movie..hmmm..and then we had a morning exercises..hahaa..u know what..the jurulatih pak manaf made think back pak ngah soooo miss him..don't know is him still in the kem segari with KJ? ayah..miss you so muchie~ 
continue! okay..after we morning exercises then we went to makan...u know what...the food there is much better than kem segari...hahahaXD (so sorry to say~haha XDD)and then we started out LDK in long form call latihan dalam kumpulan..i'd got the fifth shah,,gaya,mitra,farz,amar(the shortie),izwan(only f3,the youngest in our group),basy,zimah,eqin and nurin...hahaa..actually the group was randomly choose wan la...i'd got the fifth group..hmm...actually i've a quite nice group but all of them not as  sporting as i think..hmm..but still ok la..hahaa..our faci calls en hairul..he's a lawyer...i feel so respect him..casue he told us his experiences in his life even is a shame experience he also told us...thanks alot en hairul..^^ if got fate we meet again..hehee..and then the facis asked us to sing a patriotic song per group to perform at the last night of the kursus.. we got wawasan never heard that song before honestly!! so we asked our faci..we practice practice and practice finally make it..hehee.. but the performance night we didn't do our best la..we got the lowest mark between others group.cause we don't have creative la..sad..hmm...
then at night we got a game kinda like explore race..there were 4 check points..huhuu...we can't finished our sad..because when the 1st chapter we kena cheat by the "red checkpoint"!! urrrgghhhh....we wasted our time around 40 minutes there u know!! that time i quite angry of the bad faci!! hng! but then our group and acap's group were moved together de...feel so sorry to them..huhuu..

3rd of june
actually i got alil forgot what we had done when 3rd of i remember ady..hehee...cooked! yep...we cooked ourselves and the food became our not enough to makan..hahaa..cause we gabung with sufi's group makan together..hahaaa...we had to give out our voice to cook that evening..hmm..that's mean we have to cook without voice and talking..if we talk we will kena lockup by the facis..huhuuu...the funniest is the faci gave our group as restorant nur kasih..hahahaaa...what la~ by the way,our food was quite nice! hahaa...though not enough to makan night still feel hungry tim..hehee..after that we went to the night walk in the jungle...around 800! damn dark lor...but i din feel scare at all la..brave huh?heheee...after that the performance night i said just now..the most boring and non creativity..but what ever,at least we sang out the song with semangat what~ hahaa... this night is the latest night we went to bed..around 3.30am only we the next day we woke up later abit la..hahaa

4th of june

the day we back to selangor....hmm...feel sad? got la actually cause have to leave this beautiful place and the delicious food..ahahaa...(my pupose is just the food only la XDD)around 9.30am,we all kumpul at the tapak and took picture and wait for the buses "again"..hahaa...
nah! got pictures also wan oo...

those guys again..
nice pic huh~

our juniors
from left farz, shima and nurin(adib's sister)

the buses came~
get ready to get in the buses!!

in the bus luu...
ss awhile first~
hehee XP

2nd ss pic..

and then we went to round the langkawi..hmm..i didn't buy any chocolate there actually..but i received chocolate from friends..thank you acap..^^ sweet chocolate from u..heheee.. i bought lot of key chains...for friends and time i'll take the pic for u all see..hehee..

here we went to beras terbakar..err...actually i didn't see any beras that really terbakar there..hahaa...but that place is so nice so we went there to take some pictures..may see.... :3

WCS and acap..
suddenly so ayu la WCS nie..

they again..
this pondok quite big and suit to take pic..

the travelers taking picture with the house..
that house is really beautiful
is a traditional malay style

WCS and me ♥

after that we went to jeti and back to selangor..hmm...i'm going to miss this place..hehee..i remembered that the first time i went to langkawi i was just 8 years old..hahaaa...after 11 years only back to this place..aww...miss you langkawi..
reach the jeti we took pictures with the sun set 
when we reach to kuala perlis jeti
there are syira gdah and me!  ♥
beuatiful sun set
love it!!!

and then around 2am we reached bukit beruntung..hmm...backed to selangor..hahaa...
that's all my journey kursus in langkawi... the end ♥

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