Thursday, September 13, 2012

ling ling

 this girl
i didn't remember how i know her
i just knew that
when we knew each other
we become very close
she had been shared her stories to me some days ago
and she had cried in front of me before
for me she's a cute girl and pretty
she always thought that she not..and she thought that she's the cool one
she's not
she loves to cry
like me ;p
started cry then non-stop XD
but, she still our pretty LING LING

she already left us this morning at 9am (13th of Sept)
and she won't come back anymore
'coz she decided to study at other places
beloved Ling Ling
we wish u all the best
and we always remember u
don't forget ur promise!
we meet u at Malacca!!

sayang you sangat sangat! hehehee

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