Wednesday, September 12, 2012

started my kelantan life

1st of sept :
the day we register our orientation.
that day damn lot of ppl... those fasi helped the new freshers to smoother the processes registration..
that day i almost an hour done my registration, then back to hotel with my parents..afternoon around 3pm something then have my last lunch with my parent...i thought i will cry that day when my family left..but, weird is i didn't.. after that i got to know my room-mates.. kakaa..
got four of us in room... the first person i know is xiu ping, who a girl from penang..haha...then is jia yin, i call her ah yan wan.. so miraculous that we feel like know each other more than 10 sister.. then is lee qin a girl that misses her family very much everyday..haha...the first 2 days she's almost cried from day till night..sometimes feel so pity to her...coz feel too bad with her homesick..haiz...then now we are the like family in room...we call xiu ping mama coz she's like a mummy to this care that..haha..then ah yan like a little girl in our room...not only her size, her voice and her physically almost like a little girl ady..haha..

2nd of sept :
the day started our orientation
a busy day for all of us...almost everyone wake up at 6am in the morning, then started our activities with the seniors. but pity is, our took shower like didn't take shower...everyday seconds sweat like hell... then every ceramah we just like kena "催眠", everyone loves to fishing during ceramah..haha

3rd of sept :
continue our ceramah and registrations

same!!!! hahahaa... xiao ke ai..  (hantaro by ling ling XD )
this name she pantang the most, but u know what
i'll keep calling u little cute

until the the 5th of sept
the last day with our fasi and the day those fasi resigned...
we cried together that night until midnight, though all of us were tired but, still feel sad and happy with those fasi who are helped us and care us alot..

christine, me and ah yan <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">
from down left jing jing, then ling ling
up left me and ah yan
during waiting for the orang besar while we have to swear in front of the orang besar

the next day 6th of sept
those FKP (falcuty of business and entrepreneurship) students goes to meet their PA a.k.a Penasihat Akademik
this day we all met with our profs and lecturers..after the ceramah then met our PA.. after that we got our freedom finally..

7th of sept
friday, holiday of kelantan...
this day, i remebered we all just rest in our dorm..didn't go anywhere..but we (ah yan and i) have dinner with the guys.. the new friends i met here... they are good guys, but ah yan and i keep calling them ma lat lou..haha...for fun...shh....don't tell them.. kekekee... ;p

the ma lat lous with naughty pose..haha
those funny guys 

8th of sept
the most relaxing day
we went to beach this day.. we all planed to beach then started to find transport to the beach..
we went to town first went for shopping in KB Mall... i spent damn lot 2 formal T's with a up RM 139.90.. 反省反省...huhuuu... = ='''
have lunch then go to the beach at 3 or 4 something in the evening...

take a picture when we waiting those ma lat lou in the petronas
inside a teruk punya kereta =.=''

KB Mall
F.O.S with my liang moii, Christine

ss awhile..kakaa...though i din buy this t-shirt..

finally! the beach of irama~~ nice view but got lots of rubbish..
malaysian =.='''

peace~ three pretty girls <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

christine and me
hampiri become abun nehneh =.=''

little cute!! hahaa...yeng chai leh~ i took this picture..kaka

star <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

what's this?? hmmm.....
recycle? =.='''
we love the earth..haha

the chance we have pork here!!!
our dinner in Medan Selera Kebun Sultan, the china town in Kelantan
here can have chinese food
have chicken for almost a week
of course have pork to selesai our selera la~~ haha
lots of people, damn hot and damn heavy rain..
but always miss that day <3 p="p">

p/s : will be continue ........ stay tuned <3 nbsp="nbsp">

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