Wednesday, September 12, 2012

dusty dusty

hoho! i'm back...sorry guys..i'm being damn lazy to update my blog..kakakaa..ampun...
always on computer just open running man saja..haiyaa...been addicted~ xp

few days soon, i'm gonna move to another place to live my new holiday gonna finish soon..haha
sad huh? alil bit lor..'coz leave my family miles away..and gonna live there learn to live independently..
so many things have to my mind, live independently is not a problem..but makan.....hmm...need to learn cooking soon..haha..if second year i need to move out, then i should learn cooking dy...huhuu..later soon have to call me chef spin~ kakaka...

now left few hours to go to a place to continue my "dream"..
guys.. we meet after 4 years lor~

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