Saturday, November 3, 2012

home sweet home ♥

waited for two months, finally.. i back to KL for the first time.
i've asked my friends what's their feeling when they know they can go back to their own home.
for sure, they will answer me : excited til can not sleep! or finally can leave this ghost place ady dot dot dott.
hmm.. for me, i just wanna go back see my grandma who is sick-ing and my family..of course everyone will miss their family, me either :3 happy to know that, my grandma,she is fine and she's happy when i came back home..haha..i got hug her tim~ love you oo popo! ♥ >////<

yesterday, i went back by flight..
i can say that this day is the day i will remember forever!sibeh sui!
coz' got alot of  complicated feelings when i'm waiting going back home.
got guilty coz' i made everyone wait for me settle my air ticket, especially my third senior, ABC *his short name* who fetched me to airport at KB.

i felt so damn sorry to him, bcoz i disturbing his time that can go back home earlier..he helped me to settle my air ticket for almost an hour..just because i don't know i can check-in my ticket through internet..and he helped me print out the ticket..gosh! ABC, i will never forget ur 大恩大德..i sure will treat u makan when go back!thank you bro!!
and i also feel sorry to ah wing too, coz also wait for my ticket too..haiz...but luckily, our flight was at 5pm..if not sure no need go back ady le..hmmm....
i need to learn all of that by myself..this is a good lesson..a very good lesson..

we reached airport, then ah wing and i went to KFC makan sambil chit chat-ing, kepo kepo everything happened in UMK..*i knew a lot things from him leh~ ngek ngek~* almost 4.40pm we went to the place we wait our flight, badly, the time give me delay til 5.30pm..pity baba mama have to wait me at KL another an hour ==''
quite bad luck for me at that day..huhuu..but luckily i reach KL safety..amitofo..huhhuu.. :3

in plane, i sat with my another second year senior, we chit chat for the whole least won't feel boring while in plane.. :3
and reach KL almost 6.45pm.. hello KL~ :D

the scene i captured in the plane while gonna reach KL

p/s: again, home sweet home 

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