Friday, January 18, 2013

bro birthday 04 jan 2013

his birthday is 6th Jan actually..but we celebrate earlier for him

again, chin sern..happy birthday~

we helped him celebrate earlier coz 6th was our first paper for our final exam..
so, we went to wei yig (唯一) to have our dinner to celebrate his birthday..
food is bbq steamboat buffet style so yam lor until u full u vomit.. price is 20 bucks per person but not including drinks la..

and, we happy that, birthday boy bought Blualabel..and at the end, he got drunk XD

as usual while waiting the fei ju yao moisture the “pot”
like we talkative attitude
we won't just wait and diam diam do nothing geh
talk here and there, cui shui here and there lor :目

after that makan luu..
i forgot to take photo coz busying to makan XD
after that, of course started the scene - 敬酒
the first victim of course is birthday boy, 
the second one can't run is jia..pity..haha..
we sat there until the shop close, before we going back, jia and me took out the cakes we bought then made a surprise to chin sern sang a birthday song to him..he was shocked and then got lil gamdong (i guess).. haha...anywhere, at the end our mission was successful~ good job jia and spin!! ;)

of course won't miss out our camshoot session nah~

and lastly took one photo with birthday boy
chin sern
21 岁啦

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