Thursday, January 24, 2013

hangout! 荷包流血不止..T^T

ok, now i only realized i didn't take a photo with my junior..hmmmm...nvm.. still have chance geh..haha
whatever, back to topic

yesterday i went out with my junior when i was form 5.. she asked me out so we decided to the curve sing K..

outfit of the day

before met my junior
i went to one accessory shop in rawang to buy these

sini sudah bai kah RM48
hmm..............sorry dad and mom

after an hour i "shopping", my junior came and take me from rawang
then we go to the curve..........
long time didn't go to KL but luckily still found the place..we went to the curve red-box sing made me spent 40 bucks for three hours..hmm...jen hai bai kah lui -,-

super dark =.=
but still sang like orang giler inside the K room

after 3 hours, we didn't go anywhere coz my junior and her bf have to go back to meet someone they fetched me back to rawang..and then....i jalan-jalan alone~ weee~  >v<

night, i went to pakson think wanna see see look look got anything i can buy onot...then i bai kah a pair of sandals

Voir brand
costs me 45 bucks

after that, i had my dinner alone in the shopping mall

sweet sour chicken friend rice
lagi mahal daripada kelantan
but lagi kenyang than kelantan punya la

hmmm.... once gai gai cukup cukup bai kah =.=
like that
RM150+ sudah hilang 

p/s : 我滴亲亲荷包,我对不起你呀~

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