Saturday, April 14, 2012


tomorrow is the time that i have to date with him...hmmmm....
what i can say? do i like him? don't know...don't think too much. just enjoy the date tomorrow lor..
like sun said.. don't think too much, if really got fate then will be together like him and little fish..haha (okay, want vomit dy =.= don't show the sweetness of both of u in front of me...this makes me beh tahan~ >x<''')
knew him for so long, more than 10 fast hor..but suddenly he asks for couple..i don't know how oo...just give both of us a chance..if got feel then together..if.....

p/s 1: tomorrow got english class..hope everything okay and not be so panic and nervous.. >~<'''
p/s 2: hope that he won't read my blog

i'm  not ready yet to leave my single life

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