Tuesday, April 10, 2012

suju! suju! ADDICTED~

okay~~~ i've been addicted with them == just because of my lil cousin and hafiz..lol
recently i'd seen lots of suju''s video and listened their song ==
i remember that lasst time i never touch their stuff...huhuuu...i don't know why? maybe because of their cuteness  makes me love to see them..hahaa...
neh~and also because of my cousin on suju M's videos then cause me followed!! urrghhh...and then because of hafiz, i started like suju ori - donghae, eunhyuk. kyuhyun, sungmin, siwon, hee chuel, kangin, leetuek, shindong, kibum, hangeng, yesung, ryeowook... plus plus suju M - zhoumi and henry...... GOSH!!! addicted! because of you!! all your fault!! did you see this!! yes you! hafiz, i knew u will read mine..huhuuu....

okay...finished blaming..hehee.. now back to suju..

videos: i already finished their full house and suju-M's taiwan long stay programs
recommend find their channel programs to watch..cause like that u can see their real face inside..haha.
like suju full house, though is too long ago..but quite nice to watch cause guarantee will laugh die u..hahaa..then suju's intimate note,they're so sweet and warm and then suju-M taiwan longstay (dongfeng's programs like golden stage and 名人带路) also very funny and fun...hahaa..
and now...i watching their adonis camp..also quite funny..hehee..haiz...bad suju,why you guys so cute~ ><

musics: i found that one of their song quite cool..

Super Junior - SuperMan (MV) HD

what i can say?
they pretty good
with their
face and vocal
just say that
they deserved it ;3
suju! u're HOTT!!!!
hah! :D


Hafiz Zulkafly said...

LOL . dont blame me at all okay . HAHA . i also addict with suju after watch their full house . OMG ~ proud to be an ELF :)

simplelife said...

nehh.....donghae in full house so cute...
u should watch their adonis camp...in there donghae lagi sweet~ hahahaaa.... XDDD <3

Hafiz Zulkafly said...

ohh . damn ~ i didn't watch that one ma ~ TT^TT ~

simplelife said...

watch it later la~ heheee...