Saturday, October 30, 2010

i miss my all friends

this morning i woke up n took my phone...den i started pressed my phone....
in my photo album...
i saw all the smiling faces in the album
i really really missed them..
when we gonna meet again?
are we ganna b friend forever??
who knows.....
i miss them damn much..
when i'm in form 4 n 5..
all my ex-classmates..
like ria, hafiz, thimah nachia, timah salleh, min chia, thilakam, farah.z , n sooooooo many of them..
haiz..when we ganna meet again? they all going anywhere in this earth..hmm...
remembered that before facing the spm exam..
all of us crazy taking photos..
haha...two classes..5A n 5sn
yesterday ria ajak me out to rawang..but..
i rejected her..coz...i still got paper haven't finish..arggh!!
nevermind..juz wait when holiday..gantti balik..keke

n next..
NS 3 months life..
hooo...i saw back the photos when we were in the kantin..
hahaha..cute faces..
elynn,mei yi,des,bernard,joshua,cherly,oun,chai shin,aaron.....
miss the moment very much..
sunday's family day..huhuu...
wearing celoring,baju sukan..haha..
laugh together
cry together each other...

can we meet again huh?
susah to meet..==

miss them!!

1 comment:

janice_wong said...

u see me everyday rite..haha..=)