Saturday, March 10, 2012


ok...sorry for waiting so long for my good news ==
well, actually quite not a good news..but at least is satisfied :)
before i announce my result, let me say something...
i wanna say thank you to my parent and my gor gors and ah jie , thanks for supporting me from the beginning till when i going to take my result in school...

then i wanna thanks to my god... thanks that HE blessed me to do good while exam and let me get a satisfied result.

then i wanna thanks to my friends and my ji muiiss.. thanks that give me support though y'all living far from me,though some of them stay in overseas but y'all supporting spirit always in my heart and i always feel it..

i wanna thank you to my form six buddies : i love y'all coz in the one and a half years, y'all already accompanied me to do lots of amazing and funny things..our form six life memories i'll remember forever..N sorry that if i'd said something or did something to hurt y' sorry and thank you :)

lastly, i wanna thanks to my form 6 school teachers and principle : very thank you that our form six teachers tahan us for one and a half years for teaching us :) feel sorry to my teachers if i hadn't done your works.. and thank you for the prayers that make us success to answer the papers while exam....

to principle: "thank you" that for the bebel-ing while we having a super nervous feeling during waiting for the result (d*mn you!) though not that like you but at least u're feel proud of us..and yes, we did too :)

so, now's the time i'm gonna show my result to public ... i'm proud to say : though not the best but i'm satisfied of it!!!!

i got 2.84 for my overall cgpa


Anonymous said...

Congratulationzzz Spin Lim! I iz proudzzz..


Areez Syazwan said...

2.8? tpu laa,, saya 2.5,,, hahaha

simplelife said...

yunus: hahaaa...thank you <3 love you!!
areez: ya...if not u count it by urself XD