Sunday, March 11, 2012

undang undang undang test!!!

hey!!! hahaaa...happy to me huh? yeee.... i knew i knew.. XD
ok, today i went to do my undang test ady~ arrgghhh~~~ so bad that i didn't take the photo if not i'll take a prove to y'all..hahaa..
well, this whole half day, uncle really busy to take us 游车河 lor =.= no la... actually uncle busy to do his arrangements la...take the calon to do undang la do driving lesson la..haiz...pity uncle...wait for uncle arounf more than half hour then to the do undang place already around 12pm like that..see, wait for uncle in front of his office was 8 30am then uncle came around 9 to gombak then pusing pusing to setapak... reach the place ALREADY 12PM MANN~~ half day wasted dy =.= some more very tired wor... T^T (可怜滴我~)
slept around 1am and woke up 7am.. very tired but when sitting infront of the computer, u will just remember nervous and concentration.. well, that's who i am XD but luckily, the nervousness didn't make me did lot of mistake..huhuuu...(slept late also never mind la..XD)

hah! now i wanna announce my result la... it is.......(drum beat....*) ta! ta! is 47/ 50 ~ geng lehh~~~ lai lai!! give me a clap please..hahaaa...i just go in 10 minutes then come out get this result..whoever said me what, i wanna say that.. I'M PROUD OF MYSELF!! need feel fish dy..kekekee..

so..... UNDANG I BIT YOU~ YOU'RE LOSSEEERR!!! ARRGGHH~ hahahaaaa...XDDD (crazy dy =.=''')


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