Friday, March 30, 2012

driving lesson : Third day

booot booottt!!

i skipped the second day ady..
never mind i update it here with third day

second day 
uncle brought me practice in my housing areas..
he taught me how to control the steering and change gears
and i  did it well
though the car still mati-ed for 4 to 5 times

till the third day i had my driving lesson
uncle brought me to a new driving exam hall near produa factory
he taught me how to do the naik bukit..
i very disappointed with that lesson
i can't do it perfectly
and i saw uncle face with angry though he didn't show it..
i didn't know why i become so blur that day
uncle asked me to catch the stick and made it stay in with equal line with driver side mirror
sometimes i made it but sometimes i couldn't make it!
this makes me so frust!
i sikit sikit lagi will cry in the car
but i tahan
that day when uncle took me home
in the whole way back home my mood down like hell
even now also
i think i'm a stupido :'(

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Anonymous said...

chill Sue keep trying,driving so easy