Monday, January 30, 2012

new update

wah...i can blow the dust on my blog wor..haiyaa..
started feel lazy to update it dy..hehehe...
but never mind i'll try to hard-working okay?
okay! this update i would like to tell something bout my CNY's story la...
about penang time if i hard-working i'll try to update..kakaXD ampun~
k...i just backed from KL..coz i went to sherleen's house for raya lor..haha
i had fun there..why? coz i met some of the old friends there loh loh and amigo...hmm
other else though we not very close but then that day still have fun togather...we shared lot of things and playing games..haha..
first day in KL :
my sis sent me to Pavilion to meet sherleen, haiyooo...almost wait her for half an hour..haha..i jalan-jalan in the shopping mall like nothing to do..wanna shop for the boutiques? wah~ all branded wor, how to shop jek~ wanna makan? haiz...morning already ate a big nasi lemak terus jalan lor...nothing to do then just sit a side wait for her call..

the dragon in the middle of the pavilion shopping mall
i took it when i'm waiting sherleen call
pity me :'(

after half an hour then sherleen call me, we met the first thing of course ask for a big big hug la..hahaXD
we went for have a lunch..

din tai fung
a restaurant that very "ba bai"
coz too many people to there have lunch and have to take number tim =.=''
ba bai not~

out side the restaurant
have a ji mui cam whore first!

wah~ finally our turn to makan luu~
i called a pork chop la mien
for me? the taste quite okay luu
sherleen called a beef la mien and mummy called a prawn wan tan la mien
and side orders got xiao lung bao and mini sweet red bean bao
mummy very love the mini sweet red bean bao oo
after we finished she still ordered one more mini red bean bao tim..
burpeddd!! oppsss...full leh~ XD

after lunch, sitting sherleen boy boy's car back to her house..haha
all the way i just wanna say..wah...KL i really got long time din back dy..and i miss the roads so much especially to my old house in pandan indah, though it alredy sold out for 8 years..hmm....
i miss her families~ gong gong, popo, dai yee and the three little naughty dragons : ah chun, oscar and queenie..hmm
and and ! i miss her room~ hahaa..after took bath and dinner of couse, the first thing she will do is on her lappy and on her fb..=.= then we started cam whore~ haha..

we made-up with a "flower face"
she's a cute little jerry
and i'm a rockstar =.= (she suggested to me.. *sweat) 

this one funny~
we thought that wanna be 僵尸 pose
but then sudden heard outside got alarm sound
we stopped then...... captured! XD 

hahaa...sherleen's favorite! pat pat head~

since we cam whore was around 11 something..then we fb with loh loh..
haha...we asked her to join us.. then what happen next? loh loh really come to join us~ yay~
late in night, two girls with "flower faces" drove car to take friend, but the car was already petrol kong! haha..can u imagine that?
yep, we use that faces above to the petrol station to add petrol and go to fetch loh loh in a late night~the workers there shocked when saw sherleen's face..hahahaXDD funny~
hahahahahaaaaXDD SOOOO FUN~

then? of course we added another new members lor...loh loh! haha..three girls chit chat for long long time..around 3am we slept..but hor..actually loh loh 4 something only fell asleep..coz she's very hyper that night..pity loh loh..haha..

the next day, gathering day:
after breakfast, we waiting for the other members come...12pm start!
mummy cooked spaghetti and ordered domino's pizza for our lunch 
after that
we started play games
heart attack and snap!

heart attack!

then we sit with a circle 
chit chat and shared everything in these 8 years since we didn't meet for long time

before going back took pictures first as our sweet memories 
we had yum cha in Inhouse cafe 
sherleen and i, amigo,wen jian and wen jun
hahaa...have a sweet great moments with u guys
i'll remember this day

p/s: miss you guys now ♥ :3

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