Wednesday, January 4, 2012

school fast starting on tomorrow the whole Malaysian students will going back to school dy..
before this, i'm one of them... but now? i'm not any more..
sad? or happy? errr...i don't know..... but, when u watching the people going back to school u will feel something in ur heart.. what do u feel? haha..
for me i will think that... ah.. i'm not student any more..and already become a "new adult"... why i'm using "new adult" this word? coz, i'm already no need to go back my secondary school any more...and soon, maybe i'll going into the society and become a "full adult"..fight for the future and learn more for the future...sitting in a hall with the other Uni students and soon will sitting in the office keep working to earn lots of $$.. haih..... sometimes i'll keep thinking..why human have to grow up? i ask my friend before...and me friend answered me, he said : don't ask, coz this is life....and there have no any answer that can tell u...just face it... hhmmm..yea.. just face it.. :)
u know what? i see the people keep trying to be an adult...but me? i'm so scared....i hope i'm not to be an a child feels so worries no pressures..huhuu.. coz, when we become an adult... the pressure that we have now will be stronger when we are already an adult.. agree? or not agree? or face it? hah! :D

p/s: i'm just telling my feelings.. and hope peace to the whole Malaysian students!! good luck~

good luck school boys and school girls!


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