Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two Days in Grandma House :)

already gave myself two days holiday in my grandma house luu
nothing to do here, but happy to meet my cousins here..haha..
but i've few "first times" here lo....

first time sleep with little doggie =.= # (deng! night can't sleep at all!!)
first time test chatime! :D
first time no toothbrush.. lol~ =.='''
first time sharing toothbrush in two days... oh gosh!! (wah~)
first time no baju can change
first time go out no $$ to use.. 
wahh~ so many many many the first time lor~ ><

but have fun too...coz first time give people wash my face..*bling bling~ hahahaXDD
now my face so "wiet"~ kakakakaXDD

p/s: do u guys got these "first times" before?? hahaaa...

morning world~ *flying kiss

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