Thursday, July 21, 2011

colloquium ==''

one word - TIRED!
all of my friends are getting sick either ..
but still had to go to school for a "nothing matter" program for form
duh...two days for this program..but then this thing doesn't involve our stpm's marks..for what we slept so late,did so hard-working for this? i don't understand..haiz...
is okay all over..
may be after this we can get more concentrate in our studies gua..hope so..
recently, felt very tired.. don't know why...everyday back from school will feel very energy..(isn't because of the "moon"? XD)
i think is already realized that stpm is coming..hmm...but then i still don't have any action to do my pressure!
PA = pressure
GEOS = pressure
PP = pressure
ECON = pressure

god please save me!! T^T

mood: sick

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