Sunday, July 31, 2011

my "hobby" XD

lol...hahaa..actually i got a weird "collect" handsome and beauty's pictures...
wcs asked me before why i loved to copy people pictures then keep them in my phone,
errr...i just answered her that's my hobby,i loved to watch people fashions.. :)
but don't misunderstand me har..i'm just collect for look for their fashion and hairstyle only yoo...
not bin tai! nonononooo~~  >0<''' ##
i swear i didn't use their pictures at all... >:(

okay..let's watch what i've got for so far..heheh..
jiang jiang!! (p/s:don't copy and simply use!!! if not dosa besar!!i already dosa besar..i don't dare to share if u all...don't do so!!)

this guy from korea
he is a model
cute right?

 this guy is a artis (before this was a model)
he is one of the member of a group calls "HIT-5"
name yang fan
he from china
he is the first guy that my first sight my eyes were blinking..

 he...err.actually is she
"he" is girl
name tyrant
actually she's from a famous tomboy couple
and her "boy friend" name Never (girl also)
lol...they are so sweet when they are in girl's identity
i don't understand why they love to be a boy =.=

a famous model too
neehhh (yang fan's "girl friend"???)
from china too
she's cute.
i like her style 

 she is a malaysian
hmm... she 's cute that's why i "took" her picture
don't scold me X)

 malaysian too
u know what,
he is younger than me
but he is handsome..
hahaa oppssss XD

errrr...i'm not sure she's malaysian
but i love her hairstyle
i'll keep my hair long like her

errr....actually still got lots of the pictures..but i think i just keep them for me only la..hahaa..
hey! don't act like not good k!! remember!!! don't act like me!

good night 

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