Friday, July 1, 2011

yesterday today and tomorrow

the day that WCS suddenly said that wanna balanja makan pizza
quite excited..
but then got something happened suddenly yesterday..
we met the three twins..
they really are twins lor
they met us the first thing they will ask : yee? why today u all so early finished classes geh?
lol... cute pulak..they got a event on second level of the pizza hut building..
quite many of them..

when we finished our meal
WCS said wanna go WC,
and then the incident happened!
i suddenly give people praised that i'm beautiful..
walao~ i really didn't know wanna give or show what respond to them lor..
i just kept on saying thank you...thank you...
but actually that guy quite not bad la..hahaa (the indian guy cute la when he talking with his broken chinese..kakakak XDD)
happy and a lil hyper == (perasan pulak!)
but i know i'm not in category beautiful la..
just normal look..hehee

nothing to tell just one word i describe my feeling now,


nehh,tomorrow hav to go to school again..
got event larian 1
but don't know what will happen tomorrow leh..
i think i just walk only la for the 'larian'
hahaha... no bakat to run la.. "back-side" too heavy ;p
hope everything okay tomorrow..

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