Friday, July 15, 2011

one week ady lost my phone

one week ady wor...i didn't update my seems i very lazy to open it..haha..

actually this post i should post on wednesday..but i off early..then is friday..
a bad day for me...i lost my boy boy SE C905 lost ady..because of my blur-ful..
shitt!! how can it be?! i sick then i nearly lost my wallet(let acap kept just now but lucily he didn't go home yet =.=) then now really lost my baby phone!!!
wuwuwuwuuu...i call that bitch but it didn't pick!

but then i gave up..just "redah"..i talked to acap just now.. i cried.. really can't tahan leh! i sumpah that guy or bitch who stole my phone away the next minute he or she feels whole body itch then started rutten..毁容!!残废!!不得好死!!!!arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

next week is colloquium day..for 2days..just now in the computer lab we got our practiced for the presentation..(wcs absent)lol...i talk like shit!! that moment i really wanna cry ady..then till i lost my phone!sure can't tahan lor..cried dy..

mood super down!

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