Sunday, July 31, 2011


okay.. after the event,we went to kfc kononnya wanna do study group la..ahahaa...
but then we went alot of place teman leplep buy cons,then teman him had a hair cut...but then i let ppl misunderstand me i'm a malay (lagi that two ppl are chinese tim..cham... T^T) and then we went to gurdian had a shopping... ...then only to kfc makan :D

here's the optic shop 
lep lep bought a pair of 0 power lens
green in color

 cam whore here
on the midle of the road
we're so geng
(i like this edit,hmm..puas hati :))

ok,in kfc after makan
we started our work
ani and gdah

this is the bukti that we really got study!!

 before balik
helped lep lep took a pic for show off his green lens 

before that,wanna tell that hani late for an hour to the location..haha..but we still feel happy for the shopping la..
hope got next time..but not too spend a lot again..hehee ;)

that's all for the day.. night :))
mina sang, oyatsumi nasai...
have a good night and sweet dream :))

p/s: miss him 

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