Sunday, July 31, 2011

program sekolahku sayang

30th of july,the date that actually can sleep at home until 11 am..but,we had to back to school to attend a program called :sekolahku sayang =.=
but,is fine..cause we all had taken lots of pictures..hehee..come come! let's take a look luu 
 lep lep and me

 darling,ezza and me face look so chubby xp



with the sajak make-up ---> mak yg sakit
wuu...look so scary..haha

intan the 2nd pic look slim

 this one is cute
zatti and intan

 gdah and me

intan and me


 wanna take acap pic,but ishak also okay la
haha ;D

 zatti this one suit for u make as ur profile picture yoo :)

 ila and leplep


this pic how?
the edit izit nice?

 pn.halezza and leplep
and and! the cute baby

this so swwweeeetttt
like papa and girl gril

 see!! she so happy when intan hug her~

don't wanna say what..
two also cute!!

 my turn!
hehee.don't jealous~~
she so cute...aww..
actually,i first time hug a baby la..
technique problem.. ;p

 the girls
xin yi and meryl
cute juniors

 ezza and me again!!

 i like this pic too
so nice

lep lep and danish
nice pic!

that's all for this post..
next i'll continue for after the program on this day
to be continued..........

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