Friday, July 29, 2011

jamuan mpppu before puasa

 hey hey hey!! today we all just had a jamuan in school for the mpppu programs and it was preparing for the fasting days next week oo..we all asked for bring our food for the jamuan..u know what!! it was very very delicious!!!lol...i still remember the nasi planta that udonon's mom cooked for the damn nice.ahahaa..and and and!! got lots of food oo~~ got nuggets, sausages, fruits, kuihs, sandwiches, spaghetti,fried mihoon, fried mees, pastas........owh god! too many dy,can't list out all the food..hahaa..XDD
whatever la..lets go watch the pictures i took this morning and afternoon..lets go! :D
 daus and acap(the "johnny depp" XD)

 the girls 
before macro take a pic first! :)

 the girls again 

alalalalaaa...sweetnya~ XD 

 the munah! ahahaa...cute la..

 ok...this is already afternoon...we waiting for the teachers come
but we wait for quite long..everybody are hungry-ing =.=

 placing all the food on the table
still got time to ask me to take picture..ahahaa

 dayah and lep lep 
they cut my apple 

 wan! u look so bright in this tees
good luck for the game! 

 pocot and nadia 
eh! my apple also in here leh~haha 

 my little laling, qila and me 

 the big size and the extra small size..XD
areez and gaya

 the juniors who love the school very mush
the help the principle to hias the school
pity them :)

ladies and gentlemen!
this is a new couple group!!
my laling and mr. F
i love this pic the most!!

 two cute guys 
yasin(left) and lep lep(right)

 didi and wani

 syira and hani

aha! tan!u look so nice in here
look sliiimmmm~ hahaaXDD

acap sibuk la kt blakang =.=
ishh "johnny depp" niee~~
 ghrishaa and laling
eh..asal tutup muka nie
mai mai
jgn malu malu

the 2nd girls
alamel, shangkari and sumi
 nad and nad
errr...nadzirah and nadirah la...
hahaa..two also call nad..
haiyaa... :))

yashnee and yogis
peace ;)

 eh...tutup lg muke~
jgn la...
curi2 tgk plk~heheee

 daus again!
and lep lep hehee..
lep lep hide behind daus.. ;p

udonon amd pn salina
this pic was the event almost going to end dy luu..

using the one malaysia concept to end this post la..
ila so naughty, hide behind them then let me take pic

okay guys! till the end....i still wanna tell that..the nasi planta is super hochiak la!!!
tata ;)) 

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Alif Farhan Mohd Azham said...

HAHA , suka2..;]
p/s : saya amek pic awk letak kat blog saye . tkpe an ?