Friday, December 16, 2011

2AM long didn't late sleep dy.. this time is the second time..haha
people is 凌晨三点钟,me? is 凌晨两点钟 XD
i remembered that before this is during stpm the third and forth paper..wah..i slept at 4 am...(every early hor? XD)
then wai keat woke me up at 5.30am...that time really suffered...cause not enough sleep...huhuu...some more got two papers tim wor...and cried that day..haiz...god ar~ let me in uni~~~(crying and pray T^T) think bout during exam really feel sad... okay! not to think bout sad thing la~ let's think happy things~
just now chatting with mr. S's girl oo...she so glad to have a new friend like her..hey,little fish~ exam gar yao time i go ipoh,i'll go find u oo...hehee.. yeah! happy~ today must have a nice dream~ hehehee,, ;目

k shoulders and sifat started feeling pain dy...have to find my lovely bed lor...tao tao~ i come lor~hehee (tao tao is my pillow la~ >///<)

night there~ night mr.S and his girl little fish..

p/s: hope happily ever after will happen on them 

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