Tuesday, December 13, 2011

back to blogger

hmm...is time to change my blogger luu...hehee..but next time only change la..
i realized that i've long time didn't on my blog..got lots of notifications haven't read yet..just because of the stpm..haha..now i'm back~
home sweet home 
i just read angel's blog..awwww...so happy to know that her sister already got married..haha..congrats.. :)
then i read her whole post..lol...already 10 months and 8 days?! so fast leh.. happy to see that she's happy with her boy.. sweeeeeettt~ hahaa..nah sai-T, be happy k? though is far but that faith will connect u two always together geh..

eh sai-T borrow ur picture har~ ;p
(don't scold me har)
lol.. sai-T u so sexy leh~
shy dy~ 
hahaha XDD

p/s: happy that here still have a sweet couple 

1 comment:

Angel said...

awwww.... Thanks dai-T..tak sangka you wrote about me.. HAHAHAHA...shy your head la, u sure can be more sexy. XD thanks by the way!!