Wednesday, December 21, 2011


almost done!!! 99.99%
lol...the 0.001 where? is the comment's link i still don't know how to settle =.=
still can't read the comments and i have to back to dashboard only can read...haiz... nvm...the blog almost done dy..hehee
now, let me say : HELLO MY NEW BLOGGIE~ ♥
and say : bubye my old dear...hehehee
i almost using 4 hours to do this sh*t blog...hmmm =____=''' headache again
i said before i have to get on my lovely bed early one leh~ see now!! already 2 am again!
i can tell u that, my shoulders are very pain now..wuwuwuu T^T
but never, i still happy..hehee..
hope my new bloggie will give me lots of fun la~ ok, it's time to say good night lor..

owh yes, little fish....i know u reading my blog...hey~ don't too late sleep har~ later turn become little panda wor~ hahaaXDD k la...muackss!! night 

p/s: next time i'll be good girl back~hehee.. ;)

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