Friday, December 16, 2011

christmas :D fast...already the 19th christmas that i have since i born..
but the 8th that i have in rawang... u know for me is a quite lonely season for me...
why? cause i can't hang out with my friend nah...cause i live far from them...always hear them hang out with friends go here and go there la..but i just have stay at home...
hmm... lonely christmas...then now? first out for these sis going to take me out this christmas..
though with aldult, but i still feeling happy..cause can go enjoy the joyful and happiness happen outside the world.... and will do exchange gifts...hmmm..what should i buy for the gift leh?
give some suggestions? hehee
then have to think what to wear for that day luu~ hehee..
i know this time will have a happy ever christmas.. :D excited!!! love you sis 

merry christmas 
(ei?got abit earlier dy hor? never mind la~ XD)
and happy new year~

p/s: wish everyone is happy ever after and sweet ever after~  

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