Sunday, December 18, 2011

before sleep

lol...i so tired now..but also want to type something in here...
finally, today i hang out with friend for awhile luu..hahaa...
bought lotsa things~ lol...PK dy.. ><
i bought jor christmas gift oo~ hope the one who get this will love it la..hahaaXDD is a chain pendant oo..i like...(but hor,if my sis didn't bring me out then the little thing will be mine~ hahaaXD)

owh yes, the miss H still trying to persuade me to join their team leh...err... is a business call Q-net..don't y'all heard that before not..but never mind la..just listen la..haha.. she's trying to persuade me..but i don't want...honestly la, last time she told me bout the flow of the business, i got "sam yok yok" wanna join them geh...but hor,after i thought deeply and tried to think bout the effects...i think i can't make it...maybe u wan say i ma coward..but really i don't wanna make it up...cause it is a risk..true, that business will bring wealth to us...but if one day the officer bankrup how? who knows what~ and that's not my dream~ i wish i could earn my wealth by my own business leh~(make-up artist ;p) miss H still think want that business as her whole life business...hmmm.....that's her business not mine... just pray for her..

hmm...tomorrow is sunday ady..u know what, since we finished our STPM.. the time passes by like a snail... damn don't what to do at home...haiz... find a job? i planning after CNY only find wor..but now leh? still wanna stay at home always face the screen meh~mm mai la~~ >o<'''
hope got surprise la...if not the holiday will be very boring.. =.=

p/s: i want surprise la~

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